Bachelor Degree in Banking with Apprenticeship (BB-Appr)


This course will produce graduates in Banking who can work more efficiently in the public sector as well as private sector, apply knowledge, skills and understanding in a broad range of complex technical activities, a high degree of personal responsibility and some responsibility for work of others. The bachelor of banking with apprenticeship degree programme integrates the mixture of on job training and classroom training. It is offered through formal training agreement between the TCB Bank and The Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA). Students will undertake training assignment together by imposing mutual obligation on both parties. The IAA is prepared to provide off-the-job training on the theoretical and technical training underlying banking profession and TCB will provide the practical skills training.

This course is accredited by: Tanzania Institute of Bankers (TIOB).

What you'll study

Semester 1

  • Principles of Banking - BBU07101
  • Principles of Accounting - BBU07102
  • Principles of Microeconomics - BBU07103
  • Business Mathematics and Statistics - BBU07104
  • Business Communication - BBU07105
  • Computer and IT for Business Solution - BBU07106
  • Business Law - BBU07107

Semester 2

  • Financial Accounting - BBU07208
  • Banking Law - BBU07209
  • Code of Ethics for Bankers - BBU07210
  • Banking Operations - BBU07211
  • Digital Banking - BBU07212
  • Frauds and Forgeries Control - BBU07213

Semester 1

  • Bank Records Management - BBU07314
  • Assets and Liability Management in Banks - BBU07315
  • Customer Experience - BBU07316
  • Credit Analysis and Lending Practices - BBU07317
  • International Banking and Trade Finance - BBU07318

Semester 2

  • Management Information System - BBU07419
  • Entrepreneurship - BBU07420
  • Corporate Finance - BBU07421
  • Taxation Policy, Structure and - BBU07422
  • Research and Marketing - BBU07423
  • Islamic Banking - BBU07424

Semester 1

  • Risk Management in Banking - BBU08501
  • Cyber Security in Banking - BBU08502
  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management - BBU08503
  • Microfinance Practices - BBU08504
  • Bancassurance - BBU08505
  • Financial Markets and Instruments - BBU08506

Semester 2

  • Financial Institutions Management - BBU08607
  • Strategic Management - BBU08608
  • Information System Audit - BBU08609
  • Central Banking and Monetary Policy - BBU08610
  • Financial Modelling - BBU08611
  • Corporate Governance Aspects in Banking - BBU08612

Entry Requirements

Form Six (VI)

  1. Two principal passes in the following subjects: History, Geography, Kiswahili, English Language, French, Arabic, Fine Art, Economics, Commerce, Accountancy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Advanced Mathematics, Agriculture, Computer Science or Nutrition.
  2. If one of the principal passes is not in Advanced Mathematics an applicant must have at least a subsidiary pass or a minimum of “D” grade in Mathematics at O-Level.
  3. The two principal passes MUST make an aggregate of 4.0 points as a minimum or Foundation Programme of the OUT with a minimum GPA of 3.0


Diploma in Finance and Banking, Economics and Finance, Marketing, Business Management, Procurement and Logistics Management or Accountancy, Credit Management, Micro Finance, Insurance and Risk Management, Taxation, and Project Management with an average of “B’’ or a minimum GPA of 3.0 or Foundation Programme of the OUT with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

1,733,000 TZS

  • EAC Fee 700.00 USD
    SADC Fee 750 USD
    Other Fee 900.00 USD
  • Language English
  • Study Type Undergraduate
  • Level Bachelor Degree
  • Modes Apprenticeship, Full Time
  • Intakes October